Heating Coils: Eliminating 200 Butt Welds

Heating Coils: Eliminating 200 Butt Welds

200 butt welds eliminated and delivered in thirty days.


Two 40’diameter stainless steel tanks were well under construction when the discovery was made that the required heating coils had not been ordered.


Originally designed for fabrication using 180° butt weld fittings, a recommendation was made to construct the heating coils for the project utilizing close radius bends to match. 1½” Sch. 40 A312 Type 304L Stainless Steel pipe was bent on 4½” centers.

The first coil, shown above, used approximately 3500 feet of pipe and no fittings. It eliminated 200 welds that were specified in the original design and was delivered on site in less than 30 days. The second duplicate coil, followed the first only two weeks later.

Because many welds and all the fittings were eliminated, these two coils were delivered at 25% less than conventional construction would have cost.

APEX close radius design can provide similar benefits for you on your next coil project.