4 Essential Tips for Choosing Your Sheet Metal Fabrication Partner

Choosing a metal fabrication company to partner with for many types of businesses, from construction to equipment and machinery manufacturing to creating parts and products for industrial and commercial applications, can significantly impact your business. Most welding companies, for example, aren’t equipped to fabricate commercial HVAC ductwork, and complex custom sheet metal fabrications. It’s vital … Continued

Modular Building Construction: What You Need to Know

For more than a year, large portions of the construction industry have struggled to keep up with the complications of COVID, an onslaught of natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes, and an ever-growing shortage of skilled workers to help repair and rebuild. To contend with these challenges, designers and engineers are looking to modular … Continued

What is an HVAC System, and What Does HVAC Service Include?

HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. These dedicated systems are essential to the heating and cooling of both residential and commercial buildings to improve comfort and maintain healthy air quality conditions for all occupants. HVAC systems are critical to residential structures like single-family homes and apartments buildings, as well as large industrial and … Continued

Your Guide to Custom Ductwork & Sheet Metal Duct Fabrication

Ductwork is critical to the heating and cooling of any internal space in a commercial facility. Every piece of HVAC equipment is connected by ductwork, including furnaces, boilers, air conditioners, and heat pumps to carry the flow of warm and cool air. As air travels throughout your ductwork, it exits through vents and provides heating … Continued

Commercial & Industrial Boiler Services & Repair: What You Need to Know

Your industrial boiler is crucial to everyday operations. Whether it’s heating your commercial building or producing the steam in industrial process applications, maintaining boiler health is vital. Through extreme heating and cooling periods, boilers are often subject to stress that reduces efficiency and effectiveness. Neglecting to service your boiler consistently can lead to significant downtime … Continued

Essential Capabilities for Mechanical & Fabrication Projects

Essential Capabilities for Mechanical & Fabrication Projects Pipe forming, bending, and flaring are essential capabilities that enable metal fabricators to create forms, structures, systems, and components for all types of industrial mechanical and fabrication projects. At APEX, our skilled team and specialized metal forming tools enable us to eliminate costly welding operations and provide piping … Continued

An Introduction to Pipe Fabrication

  What Is Pipe Fabrication? Pipe Fabrication is the manufacture of straight lengths of metallic pipe and piping components, which include wrought or forged elbows, tee and reducer fittings, forged flanges, and the pipe itself, to provide a simple or complex piping systems to safely transport or process liquids, gases, and solids.   You might … Continued