Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services

APEX offers a highly trained work force, cross-trained in multiple disciplines to increase efficiency and flexibility on your projects. Our company is dedicated to excellence, consistently meeting and exceeding high quality and safety standards. APEX maintains a comprehensive safety and quality control program and provides employees with PINS/OSHA and other safety training certifications.

Industries We Service

• Chemical
• Petrochemical
• Cryogenic
• Air Separation
• Petroleum Refining
• Power Generation
• Electronic
• Pharmaceutical
• Institutions
• Food/Beverage
• Pulp and Paper
• Natural Gas
• Other Allied Industries

Services We Provide

• Pipe Fitters
• ASME Code Certified Welders
• Riggers
• Equipment Operators
• Industrial/Commercial Mechanics
• Plumbers
• Heat Treatment, NDE (RT, MPT, LPT & UT)
• Medical Gas Installers
• High Purity Orbital Welding Operators
• Insulation
• Electrical and Instrumentation
• Structural Steel
• Civil and Concrete
• Fire Protection Systems
• Passivation and System Cleaning
• Miscellaneous Architectural
• Medical Gas Certified Mechanics