Pipe Bending & Forming

APEX leads the industry in close-radius pipe bending and lap-joint flaring, including high nickel alloys and titanium. Our equipment bends and forms pipe, structural steel and plate for numerous applications. Our pipe bending and flaring capabilities eliminate costly welding operations and provide piping with higher integrity, faster fabrication, and lower NDT costs. Through our constant investment in advanced technology our craftsmen are experienced working with the latest, cutting edge and specialized equipment in the industry. In addition, APEX manufactures Type C stub ends—the lowest installed cost flange connection available anywhere in the world.

Specialized Equipment

Pipe Bending

1.5D, 3D, and 5D bending for all materials up to sch 80 per ASME B31.3.


Type C stub ends up to 12 inches sch 80 on all materials; flaring per ASME B31.3.

Pyramid Roll Benders

To produce long, sweeping bends such as tank spray rings and helical coil assemblies.

1.5D Bending

For conventional pipe fabrication, J-Stick and serpentine coil configuration piping eliminate the need for X-ray and the cost of purchasing 45, 90, and 180-degree U-bends and butt weld elbow fittings.

Reduce costs by more than 50%

Compared to conventional fabrication by using 1.5D bending and flaring on SS and high nickel alloy piping systems, such as Hastelloy and Inconel.