Commercial & Industrial Boiler Services & Repair: What You Need to Know

Commercial and industrial boiler set up for service and repairs

Your industrial boiler is crucial to everyday operations. Whether it’s heating your commercial building or producing the steam in industrial process applications, maintaining boiler health is vital. Through extreme heating and cooling periods, boilers are often subject to stress that reduces efficiency and effectiveness. Neglecting to service your boiler consistently can lead to significant downtime and bottom-line impacts.


When your boiler system works, you can work —and APEX is here to ensure it’s always up and running. We perform installation, service, maintenance, repair, and complete re-tubing of industrial boilers and related systems.


This blog will help you get a better idea of our commercial boiler services and repair capabilities.


Commercial & Industrial Boiler Services

APEX works with you to ensure your commercial and industrial boiler meets all installation and repair requirements and complies with operational authorizations from the point of purchase or rental to installation, maintenance, and beyond. Our clients and partners throughout the industry recognize us for superior safety programs, consistent quality output, and an efficient end-to-end approach that you can be confident in time and time again.


APEX rebuilds custom boilers and fabricates individual parts for replacement. Whatever your unique application may look like, our master craftsmen have the experience and skill to build a durable and reliable boiler for a long lifespan. In addition to customization, we cover 360 degrees of commercial boiler services, including:

  • Temporary Boiler Rentals
  • Boiler Tubes, Mud & Steam Drums
  • Tube Flushing & Cleaning
  • Annual Inspections


One Fortune 500 company required the re-tubing of their No. 3 boiler, which included removing and reinstalling new inner and outer casings, and replacing the boiler refractory and insulating firebrick. These services had to be completed on a constricted timeline before the outdoor temperature got too cold. This company contacted APEX to replace 562 old tubes and perform other services such as fabricating, drilling, and delivering a new mud drum. Learn more about this project here.


Commercial & Industrial Boiler Repairs


It can be challenging to determine if your boiler needs repairs or to have a piece replaced. Here are symptoms of poor boiler health that might point to a more significant problem and a need for boiler repair. Catch them before they get serious, and save your company thousands of dollars in repairs and hours of downtime, reduced heat transfer efficiency, and lower productivity.

Scale buildup from inorganic salts that dissolve in the water


  • Water test results that reveal concentrations of dissolved materials, organic matter, and returned condensate
  • Heat loss from uninsulated steam and condensate piping, fittings, or valves
  • Incorrect times on timers and thermostats due to power outage

Low boiler pressure


The ins and outs of boiler operations are intricate. That’s why APEX dedicates a facet of its business to boiler expertise. Let us handle your boiler needs so you can focus on value-add objectives instead. We perform preventative commercial and industrial boiler maintenance, testing, and regular flushing and cleaning. However, you can’t avoid every breakdown or external event! Explore Apex’s full range of commercial & industrial boiler repair capabilities, including:

  • ASME R1 Repairs
  • Insulation & Refractory Repair
  • Heat Exchangers & Tube Bundles
  • Tune-Ups & NG Conversion

It All Boils Down to APEX


APEX holds a National Board R Certificate of Authorization, ASME PP, S, and U stamps to provide a full range of heat and power solutions at the highest levels. Combined with our mechanical services and manufacturing capabilities, we maintain the qualified resources to perform projects of all sizes and consistently deliver products and services that exceed your expectations. Contact us today to discuss your next p